We've heard great things from both students and teachers that have been involved in the I Can Swim! Program.

Miss Gail was very nice. She taught me how to float.Ray, Friendsville Elementary
I liked singing the songs and learning to be safe.Madison, Accident Elementary
Miss Christi taught me how to bob and put my face underwater.Wyatt, Broad Ford Elemenary
Diving for rings was fun!Gracyn, Dennett Road Elementary
I loved learning to be underwater and flutter kick!Miranda, Dennett Road Elementary
Thank you for teaching me to swim!David, Dennett Road Elementary
The staff of 'I Can Swim' Program did a wonderful job working with the varying abilities of the students! They had a tremendous amount of creativity in using music and movement to help the students remember key aspects about swimming. They still enjoy singing the swimming song by Jack Hartmann! Thanks for a wonderful experience!Debra Nicklin, Route 40 Kindergarten
The swim program was wonderful!!!Karla Waldo, Friendsville Elementary
The 'I Can Swim' program was a wonderful experience for my class. Some of my students had never had any formal swimming instruction and I was so pleased with how far they came in the short time that we were at the CARC. The instructors really connected with the children and made them feel comfortable in the water. I hope the program can continue because I think it was very beneficial to all who attended. Thanks again!Kim Collins and her Grantsville Kindergartners

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